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The Fifth Annual Midwest Mountain Bike Regional Championship is ON again for 2010 at the Iceman Cometh Challenge in Michigan on Saturday, November 6.

The Midwest Regional Championship is a series to series competition with the division winners from each participating state series competing head to head using comparable iceman division categories as the standard for the competition.

The MRC event this year will take place at the Iceman
Cometh Challenge on Saturday, November 6, 2010.

09:00 AM

ICEMAN START - Kalkaska Middle School

1700 W. Kalkaska Road
Kalkaska, MI 49646

Additional Information
The Iceman Cometh Challenge is a 27 mile point to point
mountain bike race.
The adventure starts in the Village of Kalkaska, Michigan
and continues through the hardwoods, meadows, and cross
country ski trails of the Pere Marquette State Forest before
finishing at Timber Ridge Resort in Traverse City.

Once again, the largest single day MTB race in North America is sold out with 3700 racers registered. The ONLY way in is through a complimentary entry for the division winners in each of your participating state series.

Please note that the Iceman has simplified their entry form and changed their race categories for 2010. Visit for more information.

1. Like last year, Be sure to send all of the race entry forms in a single package, along with $10 for each entrant, to the Iceman no later than October 1, 2010. Do NOT have racer's send registration forms individually as this causes unnecessary difficulty for me and the Iceman staff.

2. Like last year, Be sure to fill out the attached template and email to me at

It is critical that I receive your completed template by October 1 so that I have sufficient time to match racer's in each Iceman division. OMBC will use this template to score the competition, rank racers and each state series.

Please complete ALL information on the template. Do not include middle names or initials. First and last names only please. Also, please be sure to include your racer's sponsors (so they don't ask me to do it later). It is important to include the division won in the state series to match up racer's for a level playing field.

The MMBC website will be updated with this information and I will send you a link to place on your website for the benefit of all racer's.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there! ("

Ryan O'Dell
Midwest Mountain Bike Championship (MMBC)

These Six States Qualify:

Mich“Robert Linden” email:, website: Mich

WORS“Don Edberg” email:, website: WORS

Kenty"Rusty Sohm", website: Kenty

DINO“Brian Holhausen” email:, website DINO

OMBC“Ryan O’Dell” email:, website OMBC

A complete Roster from each state series will be posted here

If you are an eligible division winner in any of the participating state series, please fill out the Iceman Cometh entry form and mail it to your series director before October 15.

RACER'S NOTE: No entries will be accepted if mailed separately to the Iceman. Entries must be sent in a single envelope by the participating state series director.

Format and Scoring for State Rankings:

Results will be posted here
Iceman Divisions will be used for scoring purposes.
Scoring for the MRC will be centered on a lowest common denominator, lowest points win’s formula.

Lowest Denominator: The number of divisions that will be counted to rank each state series will be based on the state sending the fewest “finishing” representatives. This will allow a smaller series to compete on a level playing field with a larger series. A new rule change has been added this year will set the lowest minimum finishing number of representatives at 10 to insure that the competition is representative. If a state sends fewer than 10, they will be penalized 20 points for each missing representative.

DNF’s will not count and will not be scored in the rankings. Each first place finish will count as 1 point, second place 2 points, and third place 3 points and so on.

For Example, if the OMBC series sends 20 representatives which happens to be the least among the six participating states, and, and only 19 finish, the regional championship will be scored using 19 as the lowest common denominator.
The top 19 finishes, regardless of the number of finishing representatives, will be counted as points. Each state series will be ranked based on the lowest number of point’s wins formula. In the event of a tie in the rankings, times will be considered to rank each state.


Suggestions can be sent by email to

For Further Information Contact: Ryan O'Dell, OMBC Series Director
Ohio Mountain Bike Championship Series (OMBC)